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Our Mission

There are many choices when it comes to options trading. 95% of traders fail, simply because they bake the wrong choices. Many traders believe that they can predict stock price direction. They use charts, indicators, and fundamentals all in attempt to gain an edge in the market. The problem is that none of those methods work and the market is completely random.

Here at Option Posts, we want to show you the ropes by trading the right way. We do not use or sell any charting packages or indicators because trading is a pure probability game. Learn the game of trading to increase your probability of success and reduce risk in the process.

If you are interested in learning more about how we trade options, check out our blog where we post our articles for those who are just getting starting and those who merely need a hand getting to the next level. 

Reasons Why We Sell Options

Option contracts are decaying assets. If stock price and volatility remain the same, the option price will become worthless at expiration due to the simple passage of time. As options sellers, this is money in our account.

Options sellers do not have to be right on stock direction. Stock direction is random. It can go up, down, or sideways. As options sellers, we have strategies that can profit in any environment.

Volatility is the extra dimension of trading. In high volatility environments, we can sell options for a higher price. As options sellers, we profit when  we sell expensive options and buy them back at a cheaper price when volatility decreases.

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