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Welcome to Option Posts!

When it comes to investing there are myriad of choices.  At Option Posts, we believe that options trading is by far the best choice once you understand the fundamentals of options.  Trading stocks, your probability of winning is 50% - it can go up or down.  This is too much like luck-based gambling!

However, Options… put/call option contracts… allow you to make money whether the market is going up, down or sideways.  This is not to promise that option trading is a get-rich-quick scheme, but it does give you an edge over traditional stock trading.  Your probability of success can substantially increase by selling options contracts, where you collect option premium.  This increases your probability of success while reducing your risk of losses resultant from straight stock-trades!

At Options Posts, we…

  • Discuss the basics of options trades,
  • Analyze options strategies for all skill levels,
  • Post our trades publicly for you to see, discuss, and then follow or reject;
  • Don’t sell or recommend software tools or indicators.  We publish and rely solely on the probability of success— a proven strategy.
If you are totally new to option-trading, please check out the Trade Entry Checklist:

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If you like what you see, join us and our community of traders to learn from others and grow as a trader!

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