Leverage My 10+ Years of Options Trading Experience As Your Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition

The secret to being successful trading high-Probability strategies and generate consistent income

What if your options trading increased your income and grew your portfolio, giving you the time and independence to enjoy your dream life?

​​​​​​​​Does any of this sound familiar?...

You're researching ways to make money in online trading. You know other people make money through successfully trading online. Why can't you? You're likely spending your nights combing endless blog posts in a search for the perfect trading system, one that's easy for a beginner to understand. But you're lost on where to start and what actually works.

You're unsure of which investment to pick. You see stocks, bonds, futures, and options, but are unsure which is the best for a beginner like you. You've heard of options trading, but you think they're only for professional investors and not for retail traders.

You've just started options trading. Most people never get started, so it's great that you've taken the first step! Maybe you've placed your first options trade without really knowing what you're doing so you find yourself lacking the confidence to truly succeed in this business.

You've tried trading options with little to no success. You've tried buying call and put options because they are the simplest to understand. But each time, you lost money.

You can't seem to get the stock price direction right. You've tried using various technical indicators or chart patterns in hopes of predicting the next move. But each time, the market goes the exact opposite direction.

​You're frustrated by all the conflicting information. You're sick of wasting time trying to research how to make money trading online. You keep switching from system to system in search of the riskless money making machine. But in reality, every system has failed to live up to your expectations. 

You're tired of your day job. You spend your 9 to 5 knowing that there's got to be something better out there.

If so, you are in the right spot! 

Be sure to keep reading.

How We Consistently Trade High-Probability Setups  

Don't worry. We were right there with you. 

Today, we don't even worry about stock price direction.Trying to pick if a stock will go up or downs is only a 50-50 chance. 

No wonder it is so hard to be profitable!

But that this is where most beginning traders start, because it's the easiest and most straightforward to understand. 

However, we're about to reveal the solution to this problem!

Over the past four years, we've discovered just how POWERFUL high-probability options trading really is.

Instead of hopelessly guessing what the next stock move is going to be, we rely on proven probability and statistics to drive our trading decisions.

The result?

We now have consistent trading results and earn more than ever, all without even looking at a chart or trying to predict where the stock price is going.

This is because we rely on other factors like time decay and volatility. 

The result is that our trading has become more consistent by removing all the emotions and guesswork and solely relying on the math. 

You can do it too! Imagine if...

...You finally know which investment strategy really works and have the confidence to execute like a pro. 

...You no longer feel like you're at the mercy of the market. Now you have the probabilities and statistics to back up every single trading decision you make.

...You generate consistent income and grow your portfolio through trading online even if you are wrong on the stock price direction.

...You know what beginner's mistakes to avoid when trading options. You avoid the account-busting errors that most learn about the hard way BEFORE establishing your next position, .

...You learn a practical new skill that will pay you dividends for the rest of your life.

It's now your turn to start making money by online trading options with a proven strategy backed up by the probabilities and statistics.

Here are a few reasons why Learning high-probability options strategies should be your top priority:

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    You can make money without predicting stock price. 
    Stock price is hard to predict. In fact, its direction is completely random, simply a coin flip. To find success in options trading, you need to use strategies that have a win rate upwards of 70%. Choosing the right strategies is how you generate consistent profits without correctly predicting stock price.  
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    Make money in any market environment.
    High-probability options trading gives you flexibility. You can create strategies that make money whether the market goes up, down, or sideways, unlike in stock trading, where you only make money if the price goes up. 
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    Options give you leverage.
    One options contract represents 100 shares of stock, while requiring only a fraction of the money required to control those 100 shares. This gives you more control for less money - perfect for traders with small accounts.

Now It's Your Turn...

You understand the struggle newer options traders face and the reasons why options trading should be your top priority. 

You're absolutely ready to put all of this into practice.

Here's the thing: 

Most options trading training you'll find on the internet is simply incomplete and fragmented information. The worst part is that it's not tailored fit for the beginning trader with zero background experience. 

So here's the good news:

We created a super simple, visual course to share the exact secrets, strategies, and rookie mistakes in the game of options trading so that you can learn it all.

In fact, we spent over three months laying out all of our knowledge on options trading, including all of the mistakes we made as beginning options traders so you don't have to do the trial and error. 


Ultimate Guide To Options Trading: From Novice To Pro

The secret to being successful trading high-probability strategies and generate consistent income

Comprehensive Curriculum ($499 Value)

Discover ALL of the fundamentals you need to trade high-probability options strategies - information that will dramatically increase the consistency in your own trading, fast

The best part?

We show you the exact step-by-step process in an easy to understand, visual format perfect for a beginning trader with absolutely no prior experience. 

The Options Trading Fast Track teaches the absolute beginner how to trade high-probability options strategies using a system backed up by real probabilities and statistics.

Here's everything you can expect to learn when you enroll in the Ultimate Guide:

The Important Purpose and Background Of Options Contracts

What are options contracts and how can you use them? Learn the true origin of options contracts and how you can use them today in your own investment portfolio. We also teach you why the stock market is completely random and how you can profit from it. 

Crash Course in options contracts fundamentals

Comprehensive options contracts training for the absolute beginner. We know how complex options trading can be with all the jargon. This section covers everything from the basics of call and put options, to the option "Greeks", buying versus selling options, and a whole lot more.

Your edge in options trading (your advantage over everyone else)

In this section, you will discover the mathematical edge in options trading. Understand how and why options trading works. We'll show you the advantage in the markets so that you can execute options trades that produce consistent results. 

Learn The Covered Call Strategy

Now that you have the fundamentals down, you can put them all together with your first high probability options trading strategy: the covered call. This the perfect strategy for beginning options traders, so we'll take you step-by-step from finding a good covered call candidate to managing losing covered call positions.

Open A Brokerage Account

This section is full of information put all your education into practice! To get started options trading you need to open your brokerage account. There are so many brokerage firms to choose from, so we'll guide you through the process and share what to look out for when choosing a broker.

Class Curriculum


Introduction & Welcome (2:25)

Risk Disclaimer (2:08)


The TRUE Origin Of Options Contracts (5:29)

Stocks vs Cryptocurrencies vs Futures vs Options: Which is Better? (11:16)

Why Trade Options Contracts (6:34)

Choosing The Underlying: Stocks vs Indices vs ETFs (5:28)

Options vs Stocks: Which Is Better? (6:55)

Is The Stock Market Predictable? (12:52)

How Do The Options Markets Work? (4:41)


What Are Options Contracts? (4:45)

What Do Call Options And Real Estate Have In Common? (5:43)

Call Options: The Ins And Outs (5:44)

What Do Put Options And Car Insurance Have In Common? (6:55)

Put Options: The Ins And Outs (5:14)

Options Contract Specifics (4:56)

How Are Options Contracts Priced? (9:36)

Option Greeks EXPLAINED (9:32)

The Mechanics of Options Contracts (3:41)


Buying Options: From A to Z (4:22)

Selling Options: From A to Z (6:48)

Selling Options vs Buying Options: Which Is Better? (7:17)

How To Read Option P/L Diagrams (7:57)

How To Read An Option Chain (5:52)

Expiration And Assignment: Is It A Big Deal? (6:50)

Option Moneyness Explained (5:00)


The Importance of Liquidity: The Hidden Cost Of Trading (5:23)

Everything You Need To Know About Implied Volatility (8:42)

Understanding Your Edge In Options Trading (9:32)

The Framework For High Probability Options Trading (8:52)


How And Why To Use The Covered Call Strategy For Income (8:04)

The Specific Entry Criteria For The Covered Call Strategy (6:04)

The Exit: How To Manage Covered Call Trades (7:14)

Owning Stock For Less: How To Reduce Cost Basis (3:31)


How To Open Your Brokerage Account (4:36)

Brokerage Comparison: Which Brokerage Firm Is The Best For You? (4:50)

You'll Also Get These Extras...

Private Community Support ($47/month Value)

Assistance, Feedback, and Community in our Private Facebook Group!

In this group, you will be able to ask us questions about the program, get updates, discuss strategies, and more.

You can also chat with other members to toss around ideas, develop new strategies, and get feedback on your progress!

Lifetime Access and Updates ($99/month Value)

The financial markets are constantly changing. Bull market, bear market, high volatility market, low volatility market - whatever market it is, we will update the course as needed and provide the latest insights into what strategies work now.

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You'll save plently of time, money and headaches by finally learning how to trade options the right way.

The choice is yours. 

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Who is this for?

Who Is This For?

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    You are a beginner with little to no prior experience trading high-probability options strategies
  • check
    You are an intermediate trader dissatisfied with the amount of money you're making
  • check
    You want more consistent results when trading options
  • check
    You'll benefit from a step-by-step guide to walk you through the thought process behind a trade
  • check
    You want to make money even if you are wrong on stock price direction
  • check
    You are a busy person who wants to save time by easily implementing these new concepts and strategies into your trading right away

Who Is This not For?

  • You are an advanced trader who has it all figured out and has enough time to teach yourself through trial and error 
  • You are comfortable with the technical stuff and don't need a step-by-step guide
  • You are not ready to dedicate 30 minutes a day to learning a new skill
  • You are happy with your trading results
  • You can't afford to invest in techniques that will provide a more consistent income
  • You are looking for a get rich quick scheme

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  • How to decide whether to buy or sell options using this key indicator
  • How to create income with theta positive trading strategies
  • ​How to buy stocks at a discount
  • How to manage a losing trade and turn it into a scratch or a winner
  • ​How to execute your first high-probability options trade
  • ​How to open a brokerage account to put everything into practice

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The Ultimate Guide To Options Trading: From Novice To Pro fully outlines the concepts and strategies we use to generate consistent trading results.  We are convinced that you will learn a lot with this eCourse as it introduces a new way of thinking about the markets. 

However, your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we offer a 14-day refund period for all of our programs - guaranteed.

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